Publications: Conference papers

Stage framework: an HTML5 and CSS3 framework for digital publishing

Semi-automated magazine layout using content-based image features

How Will Automated Image Processing Change Photography?

Method for Evaluating Tone Mapping Operators for Natural High Dynamic Range Images

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Method for Evaluating Tone Mapping Operators for Natural High Dynamic Range Images

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Nettisivut Responsiivisessa Mullistuksessa

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Automated HTML5 Publishing

Aalto University Magazine Concept

Is software the next optics?

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Digital publishing with HTML5

Responsive web design

Dynamic layout

Computational photography

High dynamic range imaging

Still and Video Encoding

Image Processing Pipeline

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Automated HTML5 Publishing

Digitaalisten sanoma- ja aikakauslehtien taiton automatisointi

Automated layout for magazine and newspaper publishing

Content model for magazine and newspaper publishing and dynamic visualizations of structural data

User experience of dynamic layout solutions

Instructor: Master of science

Critical infrastructure visualization: Achieving situational awareness

Digital Magazine and Newspaper Publishing with HTML5

The effect of image quality on the reconstruction of 3D geometry from photographs

Aesthetic measures for automated magazine layout on tablet devices

Usability evaluation of design solutions for tablet magazines

Instructor: Bachelor of science

Fonttien upottaminen web-sivulle

Responsiivinen suunnittelu - katsaus menetelmiin

Datajournalismi sanomalehden uutistuotannossa

Internet-lehtien automaattiset taittomenetelmät

Tähtitieteellisten kuvanpinoamismenetelmien soveltaminen laskennallisessa valokuvauksessa

Avoin kamera

Urheilukuvauksen olosuhteet ja kuvamyynti

Prototypes and code

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Style-based image retrieval

Image questionnaire

Color study

Categorical sort

Color analyzer

Color finder

Triplet comparison

Colorchecker analyzer

Spectrum analyzer

HDR image sample analyzer

HDR image luminance analyzer

Quality ruler

Paired comparison